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Listen to My Heart ...
The Songs of David Friedman

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About The Songbook ...

After years of dreaming about putting out a songbook, I finally sat down this past year and took the time to write out 63 of my most requested songs. The result is 526 pages containing complete piano/vocal scores to all of my best known songs and some you may not have heard yet.

Contents ...

A Different Light

A Miracle For Christmas

As Long As I Can Sing

Catch Me


Coming Home


He Comes Home Tired

Help Is On The Way

I Can Hold You


I Finally Let Go

If It's Love

If I Were Pretty

If You Love Me
  Please Don't Feed Me

I'll Be Here With You

I'm Not My Mother

In Your Eyes

Just In Time For Christmas

Just The Way I Saw
  You In My Dream

Let Me Be The Music

Listen To My Heart

Edna St. Vincent Millay,
  - 8 Art Songs:

  1. Sorrow

  2. Mariposa
  3. Travel
  4. I Being Born A Woman
  5. Time Does Not Bring Relief
  6. Lament
  7. On Hearing A Symphony
      Of Beethoven
  8. I Know I Am But Summer
      To Your Heart

My Simple Christmas Wish

My White Knight

Nothing In Common

Now That I'm Near You

One Day At A Time

Only My Pillow Knows


Sara Teasdale,
  - 7 Art Songs:

  1. Barter
  2. The Look
  3. The Kiss
  4. I Shall Not Care
  5. Wisdom
  6. Faults
  7. Child, Child

Testing The Waters Of Love

The Gift Of Trouble

The Truth About Christmas



Trick Of Fate

Trust The Wind

Two Different Worlds

We Can Be Kind

We Live On Borrowed Time

We've Got To Get
  Back To The Dream

What I'd Had In Mind

What I Was Dreamin' Of

What Manner Of Persons
  Ought Ye To Be/
    Upon This Rock I Built My Church

You Know Who You Are

You'll Always Be My Baby

You're Already There

You're There

Your Love

You've Got To Learn To
  Make Your Own Music

Quotes ...

"Your songs continue to get the most emotional response of all the songs I've ever done.  Please never stop writing. Your #1 Fan,"
Barry Manilow
"I called David and told him I needed a new closing number.  I told him what I wanted it to be about.  Fortunately he wrote what I was thinking, not what I told him.  The result was Help is on The Way."
Nancy LaMott
"About 10 years ago a young composer handed me a cassette of his songs for consideration.  I remember thinking, 'here we go again, this is going to be painful.'  No one was more surprised than I was to discover that all eight of the songs David Friedman had submitted were fabulous --the melodies were memorable and the lyrics were thoughtful and deeply moving.  He continues to amaze me with his talent, which is as huge as his heart, and I'm honored to be his friend and musical partner."
Kathie Lee Gifford
"He deserves to become the next musical theater heavyweight."
Terry Helbing
New York Native

"For the last ten years, there's been a composer who has given voice to the highest highs and the lowest lows in my life.  For each moment there has been a perfect song to capture the pain, the loneliness or the joy of the moment and still keep an underlying optimism.  His name is David Friedman ... Through life -threatening illness, head-over-heels love, and losses of friends and lovers, David's music was there in my life, keeping my soul afloat ... Here is a man who has let his heart give voice to fear.  Loneliness, heartache and finally optimism, that something good comes after the hurt and pain.  As David said "There's someone who can get you through anything, ... and that's you".  And thank you, David, for providing the music to help each of us find the courage and strength to help ourselves."
Michael Nelsen
MN On Line

Songs in Your Key ...

MIDDER Music can transcribe any of the above Original Sheet Music Editions listed in the compellation "Listen To My Heart ... The Songs of David Friedman".  Click Here to find out how!

v About The Songbook
v Contents
v Quotes About The Songbook
v Buy Now

v Get Any of these Songs in Your Key!

(Retail List Price:  $59.95)
Online:  $49.95

David Friedman Songbook

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King Island Christmas

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